• Acrylic Sheet 3mm Group

    Multipurpose Project Use – These acrylic plexiglass sheets can be used for a range of DIY and professional projects, such as laser engraved signage, kitchen or bath backsplash, wall panel, home décor, shelving, and more.
    High-Quality Grade A Black Finish – Along with improved weather and UV resistance, our opaque (not transparent) black acrylic sheets look visually appealing and it is reflective. Protective paper included.
    Long Rectangular Frame & Enhanced Durability – SimbaLux® heavy-duty plexi glass panels are tougher than standard glass with about 0.125” (1/8 inch) or 2.7mm to 3.3mm (3mm nominal) thickness that offers better indoor and outdoor resilience. Sized at 12 inches by 24 inches, these versatile acrylic plastic sheets can be used as is or cut to suit almost any job.

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