• Cricut 2003672 Iron On Starter Kit,4-Pack

    4 sheets 12×12 iron-on (Black, red, silver, gold)
    Weeder tool 
    For use with all Circuit machines

  • ZEYI 40W CO2 Laser Engraver

    NEW UPGRADE: We upgraded the control box from the original pointer display to the LCD display, which is more visible and convenient. Also, we add rotary wheels to make moving the machine easier.
    HIGH PRECISION: The durable body of this laser cutter prevents shaking when carving or cutting, also, we use high-accuracy stepping belt and high-precision stepping motor for more precise engraving. Resolution Ratio: 0.001 in (0.026mm) / (1000dpi). Positioning accuracy: 0.01mm (0.0004 inch).
    PREMIUM QUALITY: Adopts advanced sealed-off 40W laser tube. The high-pressure discharge excites a high-concentration CO2 gas to produce a laser having a wavelength of 10.6um for engraving and cutting.

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